Dermaceutic Mela Peel Forte (1 x Kit)


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Dermaceutic Mela Peel Forte for the appearance of pigment spots, melasma and post-inflammatory pigmentation

Key Benefits:

– Reduces appearance of melasma and pigment spots

– Evens skin tone and complexion

– Improves skin radiance and brightness

– Proven action on all mechanisms of pigmentation

Why should you choose Mela Peel Forte?

– Suitable for all skin types and phototypes

– Little to no social downtime

– Minimal risks of side effects

– Highly concentrated formulae for optimal efficacy

– Long lasting results with on-going patient care

Pack Contents:

– 1 x Foamer 15 (40ml)

– 1 x Activa Peel Forte (12ml)

– 1 x Mela Peel Forte (15ml)

– 1 x Cup

– Cotton Buds



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