Fillerina 12 Densifying-Filler Intensive Filler Treatment Grade 4 (2 x 30ml)


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Fillerina 12 Densifying-Filler Intensive Filler Treatment Grade 4 contains 3 types of collagen and two elastins to improve skin firmness, and 12 forms of hyaluronic acids at different molecular weights to deeply penetrate the skin and provide volume.

How to Use:

Clean the face and draw up two separate 1ml amounts (up to a total of 2ml per application) of Gel Filler and release it directly on the wrinkles, on the most marked microrelief and on those areas that particularly need to be plumped up (including cheekbones and lips). Relax for 10 minutes: the gel should stay in place in order to let the active ingredients fill the areas where it has been applied. Do not perform any massage or rotating movement.

The remaining product can be applied with the palm of the hand; then apply the Nourishing Film that, suitable both as a day and a night cream, which guarantees the maximum comfort to the skin.

This product contains:

14 doses (2 ml) of Gel Filler

14 doses (2 ml) of Nourishing Film

2 Precision Applicators



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