FILLMED Skin Perfusion Nourishing Body Balm (1 x 200ml)


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FILLMED Nourishing Body Balm is an effective nourishing body balm for all skin types. The body balm has a high concentration of nutrients to replenish lost moisture to the skin on the body. FILLMED Nourishing Body Balm leaves the skin silky smooth and nourished, which allows the skin to retain the added hydration for a longer period of time.

The pack consists of:

1 x 200 ml pot

Benefits of FILLMED Nourishing Body Balm:

Effective nourishing body balm

Provides hydration to the skin

Leaves the skin silky smooth

Suitable for all skin types

How to use FILLMED Nourishing Body Balm:

Apply FILLMED Nourishing Body Balm all over the body or only on areas with extra dry skin, morning and evening.



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