INNO-DERMA Hair Lotion (1 x 70ml)


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INNO-DERMA Hair Lotion effectively slows down or stops hair fall completely by stimulating blood flow and nourishing the scalp to strengthen the hair and promote growth, thus improving hair volume and density. Moreover, this lotion regenerates the hair follicles and reinitiates the hair cycle, extending the Anagen phase (growth) and postponing inactive phases (Catagen and Telogen). The result is a revolutionary hair product, formulated with an exclusive Minoxidil-like complex which repairs and restores the hair follicles.

For treatment of:

All types of male and female androgenic alopecia

Key benefits:

– Slows down hair loss

– Boosts hair growth

– Strengthens hair

– Enhances hair density and quality

Active ingredients:

Aminexil, Saw Palmetto, Nicotinamide, Biotin, Zea Mays, (PPF) Phyto-Peptide Fractions from Curcuma Longa, and Smart GPS

How to apply:

Apply every night on the affected area of the scalp and massage gently until completely absorbed. Do not rinse off.



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