ME Line 01 Treatment Ethnic Skin (1 x 20g)


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ME Line 01 Treatment Ethnic Skin is for the treatment of melasma, hyperpigmentation and chloasma in patients with phototype IV-VI skin. Its active ingredients combine to provide a strong control and inhibition action against melanin synthesis, intervening in the pre-synthesis processes, directly inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme, degranualting the intra-keratinocyte pigments and favouring epidermal turnover and the removal of pigmented cells.

Benefits of ME Line 01 Treatment Ethnic Skin:

– Improves the appearance of pigments spots and delays their formation

– Stimulates the cell cycle, fighting the visible sings of skin photo ageing

– The combination of its active components have a potent inhibitory activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, causing a reduction of the pigment synthesis

– Promotes the degranulation and elimination of pigmented keratinocytes



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