Medistabyl Body Cream (1 x 200ml)


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The Medistabyl Line is specifically designed to eliminate the imperfections of localized lipodystrophy (cellulite) even in the presence of an advanced state. The innovation that enhances the effectiveness of the formula is contained in the carriers, which allow to obtain a penetration of the active ingredients at extremely high levels.

Medistabyl Body Cream is a body emulsion that helps fight skin blemishes caused by cellulite and adiposity.

This ” cosmetic-active ” homemade product is rich in active ingredients and ingredients that aim both at a deep effect and at softening andstrengthen the superficial tissues of the skin. It can be used after treatment with Medistabyl forte .

The texture of the product is semi-fluid and is “ soft ” to the touch, allowing it to be absorbed quickly without leaving greasy residues on the skin. The active ingredients of the product have purifying , draining and vasoprotective properties , particularly indicated in the treatment of areas subject to the formation of adipose panniculus and cellulite such as: abdomen, inner thighs, culotte de cheval, hips and buttocks.

This pack consist of 1 x 200ml



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