Mesoestetic Mesohyal Vitamin C (18 x 5ml) – Special Offer


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Expiry Date: April 2024

Mesohyal Vitamin C provides an antioxidant and brightening action, based on a blend of 20% ascorbic acid (vitamin c), mineral salts (sodium carbonate hydrogen, sodium sulphite, sodium edetate) and a non-cross linked hyaluronic acid. It is indicated to use as antioxidant and UVA/ UVB photo-protection, and as a treatment for dull and papery skin, melisma, lack of firmness, and hair loss.

The key features of Mesohyal ® Vitamin C are: It promotes collagen synthesis by turning on its regulating gene and the synthesis of main components of the extracellular matrix, and activates the catabolism of tyrosine and peptide hormones. Also, it neutralizes free radicals of cells by supplying electrons, assists to the regeneration of alpha-tocopherol.

This pack contains 18 x 5ml



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