Mesoestetic Tran3x Gel Cream (1 x 50ml)


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Mesoestetic Melan Tran3x Daily Depigmenting Gel Cream is the ultimate depigmenting treatment and incredible results can be achieved when used in combination with Mesoestetic Melan Tran3x Intensive Depigmenting Concentrate. This fast-absorbing depigmenting gel cream is used daily to gradually reduce the appearance of dark spots and inhibit the production of melanin to prevent the reappearance of pigmentation.
Benefits of Mesoestetic Melan Tran3x Daily Depigmenting Gel Cream:
Reduce the appearance of dark spots, removes the melanin formed & regulate pigment over production
Contains innovative ingredient Tranexamic Acid
Contains exfoliating acids including Salicylic & Lactic Acid
Fast-absorbing gel cream texture
Suitable for use after professional depigmentation treatments



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