Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ Whitening Spot Eraser (1 x 15ml)


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Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ Whitening Spot Eraser is an ultra-concentrated skin whitening treatment ideal for use on hyperpigmentation of the face, neck, neckline, and hands.

Benefits of Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ Whitening Spot Eraser:

– Prevents the appearance of new pigmentation

– Smoothes out skin tone

– Stimulates cell renewal

Hyperpigmentation looks very bad, mostly when you are wearing western, and your half hand is your skin color, but half got very harshly tan because of sun exposure. Generally, people have pigmentation on their face due to acne or on the neck, neckline, elbows, and hands to get rid of it. Eurl Clic Ok is brought to you Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ Whitening Spot Eraser, an ultra-concentrated lotion or serum formulation. That can eventually help you remove pigmentation. Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ Whitening Spot Eraser has benefits: it prevents the new appearance of pigmentation, Simulates cell renewal, and smoothes skin texture. If you have had pigmentation problems for a long period and can’t get rid of them, there is the product that you need to get your smooth single, color skin back.


Mesoestetic Whitening Spot Eraser contains a high concentration of active substances that have a strong brightening impact on sensitive skin. It includes stabilized Vitamin C extracts to help brighten and balance skin tone and has been shown to provide skin-clarifying properties.

Massage into the face, neck, and low-cut every morning and night until thoroughly absorbed.



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