Neuramis Deep Lidocaine (1 x 1ml)


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Neuramis is a premium range hyaluronic acid filler. The filler has a two-step cross-linked structure which guarantees effects last twice as long. The even distribution of the gel ensures anti-ageing treatments offer natural looking results. The fillers have two main properties:

1. Restore and maintain HA levels in the skin by providing long-lasting moisturisation and hydration.

2. Painlessly remove wrinkles by adding volume under ageing skin.

Revive Youthful Skin

– Fill fine lines and wrinkles

– Restore lost volume due to ageing

Compliment Your Appearance

– Create balance

– Enhance shape, contour and definition

Neuramis Deep Lidocaine has 0.3% lidocaine and a concentration of 20mg/ml HA. It is suitable for wrinkles and folds on the lower face, specifically the nasolabial folds



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