PRX-T Lady Set (1 x Set)


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PRX-T Lady is a peel treatment used for the treatment of aging and pigmentation of external intimate areas: labia majora, perianal area, armpits, and areolas.


– Trichloroacetic acid

– Hydrogen peroxide

– Kojic acid

Only 1 vial is required per treatment.

The pack consists of:

– 5 vials x 2ml

– 1 bottle x WiQo Lightening Serum 20ml

– 20 x WiQo Restoring Creams sachets 2ml

Benefits of PRX-T Lady:

– Treats chrono-aged skin in external intimate areas

– Lightens discolorations and tightens delicate skin

– Suitable for both sexes and all skin types

– Needle free topical application

– Nearly painless treatment



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