SoftFil Classic Micro Cannulas (18G, 70mm) (Box of 20 kits)


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The SoftFil Classic range of micro-cannulas is ideal for use in the soft filling technique, a standardised injection method accessible to all physicians. For each area injected, it will match your needs in terms of entry point, area breadth and injection depth. Each type of SoftFil Classic cannula has been tested from a rheological and clinical viewpoint with all fillers available on the market as well as for PRP. Softfil Classic is a sterile, single use medical device designed for the technique of volumising in areas such as the cheek, jowl, tears trough and face contour. The range of SoftFil Classic micro-cannulas should be used by certified medical practitioners only.

The pack consists of:

20 x 18G Needles

20 x 70mm Cannulas, Internal calibre: L



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