SoftFil Needle (30G, 13mm) (Box of 100 Kits)


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The new range of SoftFil Needles are produced with high-technology manufacturing and matches the needs of users with high expectations for fillers and mesotherapy injections. SoftFil Needles are sterile and single use medical devices, to be used by certified medical practioners only.

The pack consists of:

100 kits

Size: 30G

Length: 13mm – 1/2 inch

Internal calibre XL

Benefits of Softfil Needles:

These needles are ideal for either a local and precise injection or a bolus injection, point per point.

Particularly for the injections of the nose, columella, marionette lines, dark circles, décolleté as well as the hands.

Extra-large internal calibre is used to reduce injection pressure.



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