Thermage Skin Marking Paper 4.0cm2 (1 x 6 Sheets)


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Thermage Skin Marking Paper 4.0cm² has grid markings that is used on the eyelid to outline treatment zones for the Thermage CPT system. The grid is applied using a simple dye transfer with alcohol, and it is easy to remove after the treatment process is done. The Thermage CPT system is used to tighten skin treating aesthetic concerns such as wrinkly eyelids, minor lines around the eyes, and eyelid hooding. This is a sheet of transfer paper that has an ink grid that is meant to be applied to the treatment area before a treatment with the Thermage CPT system. The Thermage CPT system itself consists of a radiofrequency generator, a cryogen unit, and a Handpiece on which a Thermage treatment tip can be attached on. Thermage Skin Marking Paper is packaged individually and each contain six sets of the paper. A package insert is also provided.

The pack consists of:

6 single patient sets



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