TSK HPC iD Max Advanced Hub Needle (30G x 13mm) (Single)


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What is a TSK needle?

TSK needles are a particular kind of needle used in mesotherapy and other injectable cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers. They are created using cutting-edge technology, which makes the patient’s injection process easier and less unpleasant.

What is the smallest needle?

  1. The TSK needle’s thin wall allows a wider internal diameter, easing product flow. The patient will experience less discomfort as a result of this feature’s decreased injection pressure.
  2. TSK needles, made of premium stainless steel, can be used with many injectable products due to their durability and sharpness. They have different lengths, gauges, and tips to customize the injection to the patient and treatment area.
  3. Cosmetic injectors prefer the TSK needle for its precision, versatility, and comfort.


TSKiD Max technology and HPC Advanced Hub geometry create the highest-flow dermal filler needle, making injections easier and more comfortable.



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