Vivacy Age Reboost Anti-Ageing Restructuring Cream (1 x 50ml)


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AGE REBOOST® is a complete anti-ageing skincare product that protects against the signs of skin ageing. The skin is smoothed, firmer and more radiant. Nourished and moisturised, the skin is revitalised and regenerated.

• CORE FORMULA: VIVASÔME® complex + hyaluronic acid + stabilised vitamin C

• POLYSACCHARIDE RICH IN FUCOSE: This sugar, obtained through biofermentation, works with the hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin.

• STABILISED ROSMARINIC ACID: Derived from the Lemon Balm plant, this active ingredient limits the degradation of hyaluronic acid.

• STABILISED POLYDATIN: Real booster of the antioxidant response, this active ingredient stimulates the skin’s natural defences against premature ageing caused by Inflamm’aging.



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